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NIXON CHEMICALS LIMITED is a Mumbai based company engaged in the activity of manufacturing textile auxiliaries, vatdyes, enzymes, specialty chemicals &antibacterial finishing agents. Team NIXON works with customers to deliver innovative and tailor made products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to quality, consistency and sustainability. Its market-driven approache stake advantage of world-class technology platforms focusing on creating consistent, superior value for the customers. It has all the requisite facilities in-house for manufacturing activities to cater industry.


To add value to business by efficiently & effectively delivering superior quality products on time. Accountability, empowerment, high performance culture. What every oucallit, we hold our selves to high standards and we use the same discipline to manage our individual performance as wedo, in managing our other business and operating processes. NIXON people make “personal commitments” as part of their annual performance management plans. Use of an engagement survey has ensured us that employees are fully engaged and managers use the data with their teams to improve engagement. Quarterly reviews between employees and supervisors ensure work is aligned and on target. Tying individual results to compensation is an important part of our culture.


We work together effectively to achieve business success. Every day we think and act as owners of the company. As members of NIXON family, we are accountable for doing our part to contribute to success.


The group has always strived to keep upto the social norms viz .*Child labour which is totally done with, *animal safety-none of the products are proven to affect the fauna. Special attention by all it's members has been paid to the upkeep of the above. We are dedicated to meeting our commitments by portraying our eager can do attitude. With responsibility comes depend ability and our internal drive to success.


We work consistently to meet standards of products and services that customers value. Understanding and validating market and competitive trends allows us to bring innovative solutions to the market and to improve our processes to increase business results.


We are committed to safety in health and environment. Working safely is the condition of employment and is there sponsibility of every employee and contractor.'


Team NIXON has paid special attention to its R&D department, with a view to reduce process time, cost effectiveness and troubleshooting i.e. To solve problems arising during processes. They are equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory where well qualified and dedicated personnel devote their entire time and energy in the invention of new and tailor made products as well as to adhere to quality assurance of their existing products to keep up and go ahead in the rat race of this extremely competitive industry.

This is also one of the reasons, team NIXON has weathered many a storm to overcome stiff and cut throat competition from multinationals as well as other indigenous players in the field. Over the years; NIXON has spread its wings far & wide and has been successful in grabbing a fairly reason able market share.

All this could not have been possible, but for the dedicated perseverance of its C.M.D. Shri Vijay Goyal who takes pride in having under him, a team of experienced and qualified personnel for production, manufacturing, after sales service & commercial activities. Team NIXON has always endeavored to maintain consistency in the quality of its produce which is one of the fore most reasons,why many a loyalist client has stuck with the group for years together.